Three Eras Review | It’s so bad that it’s good

Cast: Chris Kerr, Mark Meyers, Jay Meyers

Critics Rating:  2 stars   

Director: Jay Meyers

Duration: 1 hour, 09 minutes

Genre: Comedy, Satire

Where to watch: VOD release on all streaming platforms in Q2 2022


Spread across three different eras, this dark comedy switches between three eras – the caveman era, the era of the old west, and the modern era depicting the evolution of the mankind or the lack of it in governance and achieving our goals with real estate at the center of it all.


At the onset, let me declare that this movie is a brilliant idea. Three distinct time periods showing men deal with each other and the real estate and how in each era, we have only ended up making things more miserable. It’s a satire and a dark comedy with its heart in the right place, but unfortunately throughout its runtime producer-director and one of the lead actors Jay Meyers doesn’t quite manage to put out a convincing or a consistently entertaining product.

For starters, the film is not just rough around the edges, but very amateur in its execution. It’s honest but very raw too. Like, the background score is too loud for its own good and the makeup is just downright lazy. They rob the film of any seriousness despite a subject that should make us introspect. Instead, it comes off as childish and caricaturish.

That’s not to say, there’s no fun to be had. The film and its makers don’t seem to take themselves seriously and so as audience I cannot watch it being stiff and a buzzkill. It’s got an endearing goofiness that leaves you with a smile nonetheless, as you just go along with the ride and not think about what will happen next. This reviewer’s favourite era would be the caveman era, which is completely mad. The unpredictability still makes you sit through this film knowing well that it’s really not going any place decent.

It’s an attempt by a few people with limited resources and it shows. Some technical finesse would have gone a long way. It’s a disruptive idea after all and so far removed from what we regularly see that it somehow grabs your attention. Yes, it’s a great idea gone awry but you cannot ignore it because it really is so bad that it’s good.

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