Review of BURT REYNOLDS The Last Interview | A rare and real documentary of the last movie star

It’s truly a bittersweet experience to sit through this documentary. It’s deeply enlightening but also incredibly saddening because of the fact that this is indeed the last interview with Burt Reynolds.

Knights of Swing Review | This musical slowly but surely hits a few right notes

‘Knights of Swing’ culminates in a befitting climax with musical performances that get progressively better and more entertaining much like the film’s story itself. If you have some patience, then this clean musical is worth lending an ear to.

Review of Rickshaw Girl | A moving and motivating tale of despair and hope

Naima (Novera Rahman) is poor but brave. This strong character trait is the highpoint of director Amitabh Reza Chowdhury’s moving tale of a young girl, who is all by herself, in the big city of Dhaka, pulling a rickshaw, her passion to paint and her mission to save her dying father. Navigating through the bustling bylanes of Dhaka and the rural shanties where poverty and despair live, the story is seeped in realism.

Review of Detective Knight: Independence | A Satisfying Closure to the Knight Series

Clearly, ‘Detective Knight’ doesn’t make it to the top of the list of larger-than-life action adventure thrillers. Rather, Ed takes it slow and manages to give his veteran star Bruce Willis and his famed trilogy a befitting farewell.

Tiger 24 Review | An Insightful & Important Documentary on India’s Disturbing Man-animal Conflict

It is unbiased, well-rounded and factual that naturally underscores just how we humans wreck the lives of the animals, the first occupants of this planet, now left our mercy to survive.

Arranged Marriage Review | A freakishly unpredictable and bloody dark comedy

‘Arranged Marriage’ is a fun dark comedy that tackles a serious issue of societal norms and familial pressures, especially for a young Indian girl. It shows the hidden evil face of a seemingly happy family whose beliefs and way of life are far too problematic and dangerous.

Review of Ask Me to Dance | Hard to digest but fun to watch

Some of the scenes and characters are more hilarious like Jill’s model date, who assumes she has called him fat and Jack’s friend who tries to set him up. And slowly it gets progressively bizarre and might we say somewhat repetitive too.