Review of Till death do us part | You don’t wanna mess with this runaway bride

Throughout its short runtime, director Woodward Junior ensures there is no dull moment as we see a very lithe and lissome Natalie Burn kick some ass.

Review of the Green Oak Guardian | Slowly but surely it gets there

The performances from the lead actors, Houston Rhines and Abi Van Andel, are also noteworthy, with both delivering nuanced and convincing portrayals of their characters.

Review of BURT REYNOLDS The Last Interview | A rare and real documentary of the last movie star

It’s truly a bittersweet experience to sit through this documentary. It’s deeply enlightening but also incredibly saddening because of the fact that this is indeed the last interview with Burt Reynolds.

Knights of Swing Review | This musical slowly but surely hits a few right notes

‘Knights of Swing’ culminates in a befitting climax with musical performances that get progressively better and more entertaining much like the film’s story itself. If you have some patience, then this clean musical is worth lending an ear to.