Saravanan’s Debut ‘The Legend’ is an Unintentional Laugh Riot

When I first saw Saravanan at the press conference, I wondered to myself how old is he and what is this film all about? With a petite frame and a Michael Jacksonish sort of face, most people in the room would have wondered, how on earth did he manage to star in the film until it was revealed that this is a film fully funded and produced by Saravanan.

Crash in China Kills 132 on the Day Ajay Devgn Launches Trailer of His Directorial Runway 34 #Review

h Bachchan playing the investigating officer, but it’s clear that it’s nowhere close to the excellence and finesse that we saw in Flight. It has got a lot of poor VFX and ek ke baad ek filmy dialogues that seem to have been put to create faltu ka drama. Why can’t Bollywood filmmakers cut dialoguebaazi and make a realistic subject realistically, is something I will never understand.

Bone Chillingly Brutal | The Kashmir Files Review

Vivek Agnihotri drives his narrative through the eyes of the Pandits – a Kashmiri family, led by retitred teacher Pushkar Nath, played brilliantly by Anupam Kher, who sees his entire family perish, at the hands of the militants, who force themselves into his home and kill defenceless people. Anupam Kher gets into the skin of his character of a true blue Kashmiri, who never loses hope of returning to his motherland.

Explosive Truths of Brutalities Faced by Kashmiri Pandits | The Kashmir Files Gets Unanimous Thumbs Up From Critics

Based on documented reports, it shows the brutalities faced by Kashmiri Pandits because of their religion. The film shows how Kashmir’s wounds run deep and it rips off the band-aid. In a span of little less than 3 hours, we try to get to the truth. The times of india review has called Anupam Kher’s performance heart-aching – one that leaves a lump in your throat.

Will Bachchchan Paandey Bachcao Bollywood?

It’s that time of the year once again when an Akshay Kumar’s film is up for release and while most of his recent films have seen him playing the quintessential “Bhartiya” with chest thumping patriotism, this time around Khiladi Kumar is playing a negative character, interestingly, called Bachchchan Pandey Hi this is Ronak Kotecha andContinue reading “Will Bachchchan Paandey Bachcao Bollywood?”

Review of Spectre: An intriguingly fast-paced paranormal saga

Cast: Zenofar Fathima Director: Zenofar Fathima Duration: 10 mins Genre: Horror Showing on: Zee Cinema Middle East Synopsis A celebrity going through marital issues is spooked beyond her wits when see starts seeing a shadowy figure in her home. Is it for real? Review Spectre an addition to the Ouija series begins and ends withContinue reading “Review of Spectre: An intriguingly fast-paced paranormal saga”

Judgemental Hai Kya | Quite a mindful

Cast: Kangana Ranaut, Rajkummar Rao Director: Prakash Kovelamudi What’s it about: Bobby Batliwala Grewal (Kangana) is struggling to lead a normal life as she fights off the demons of a repressed childhood. But can she save herself and others from the inner voices that constantly put her in trouble? Review: From the synopsis, you mightContinue reading “Judgemental Hai Kya | Quite a mindful”

Review of Soorma: More Drag, Less Flick!

Soorma Rating *** Spoiler Free Synopsis: ‘Soorma’ is a biopic of Sandeep Singh – one of the greatest hockey legends of our time. Director Shaad Ali tells us what happened in his short yet eventful career and personal life. My Take: In the last few years, the bar for sports films in Bollywood has hitContinue reading “Review of Soorma: More Drag, Less Flick!”