Jacqueline Fernandez Stopped at Mumbai Airport Taken to Delhi | Is Nora Fatehi Next?

The loved up selfies of  Jacqueline Fernandez with conman Sukesh Chandrashekhar have started to take their toll on the actress who has worked in Tollywood and Bollywood.

A look out circular or an LOC has been issued against her and Just hours ago, Jacqueline was
stopped at the Mumbai Airport by immigration officials, due to this LOC.

The Enforcement Directorate had issued a look out notice against Jacqueline in the Sukesh Chandrasekar case. Jacqueline Fernandez, was on her way here, to Dubai, for a show, but according to reports, she will now be taken to Delhi for questioning. The sources in the ED have confirmed this to select media channels.

The ED has apparently found a lot of evidence, showing financial transactions from Sukesh Chandrasekar to Jacqueline Fernandez. In these saboots is a horse worth 52 lakh and a Persian cat worth Rs 9 lakh. But these “gifts” and figures are just a tip of the iceberg.

This is reportedly just a small part of  the bootie worth 10 crores given by Sukesh Chandrashekar to Jacqueline Fernandez. YES, as per the reports quoting unnamed sources, the ED has mentioned this in its  charge sheet.

The Investigation is still on into these alleged proceeds of crime being poured as gifts on Jacqueline from conman Sukesh.

Jacqueline who has previously been questioned by the ED, will now be questioned again and many say that the troubles for the actress could multiply in the coming days, as these lovey Dovey selfies, got leaked in the media. This even as Jacqueline’s official statement remained that she is a “victim” of the conman and there is no dil vil pyaar vyaar ka chakkar between the two. However, the photos tell a different story altogether. That of jumme ki raat to chumme ki baat, even as Jacky must be wondering yeh selfies jaane kahan se aayi hain.  Now, not only Jacqueline but also her aides are being questioned by the authorities.

And Jacquline Fernandez is not the only Bollywood beauty who is the under the scanner. The charge sheet also mentions  Nora Fatehi,  who has been questioned in the case. Nora became the “person of interest” in the case, after conman Sukesh revealed that he had gifted a chamchamti car to Nora.

Just like jacky, a representative of Nora Fatehi had also said that she “has been a victim” in the case and that he is no dilbur dilbur, and she is apparently wondering what is her kusur kusur ….?

Her rep said,  “Nora does not know or have any personal connection with the accused and has been called by ED to strictly help with the investigation.”

The representative said that Nora is fully cooperating with the authorities in the probe.

Now, just to jog your memory about Sukesh and his shady dealings, a few weeks back, the Enforcement Directorate filed a fresh charge sheet in a Delhi court against him,  his patni Leena Maria Paul who has acted in some south Indian movies and a couple of Bollywood films as well. The chargesheet also named a few  others in the 200-crore money laundering case, alleging that Sukesh, the main accused,  extorted Rs 200 crore from Ranbaxy boss Malvinder Singhs wife, while he was lodged in Tihar jail. He conned her by giving her the jhansa that her millionaire Pati will be out on bail if she paid him do sau karod. Malvinder sure didn’t come out of the jail on bail but instead Sukesh is now in jail.

What are your thoughts on this curious case of conman Sukesh and his rangeen lifestyle with Btown hotties, who are now feeling the heat of his jhol japataas. What do you think will happen next? Some even say more names from Bollywood could be peloed in this kahaani conman ki…

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