Grant Road Triple Murder | A Bloodbath Too Close for Comfort | Viewer Discretion Advised

The entire incident unfolded pretty much like a horrific crime show we watch on OTT these days. It was sudden, yet planned, unnerving and absolutely bone-chilling. It’s the stuff that nightmares are made of. 

Last Moments Before Satish Kaushik’s Death That No One is Talking About

While the police don’t suspect any foul play in Satish Kaushik’s sudden death, they are trying to ascertain where he was during the day and what was the condition of his health, just hours before he passed away. 

Controversial Pakistani TikToker’s Botched Lip Job is Hitting Global Headlines

Hareem Shah had to rush out of an elaborate Lip job with the job only half done, because her government back home, froze her bank accounts. Yes this kahaani quickly escalated from “Note to Honth” and the first thing she did was to make a tiktok video with a swollen lip for the problem that she was facing, because she made a tiktok video, in the first place.