GJEPC’s Sparkling New Initiative Adds Glitter to India’s Gem & Jewellery Trade in Dubai

IJEX is a one-stop destination for the world to source Indian jewellery in Dubai. The platform will enable GJEPC members to display goods and book orders throughout the year. The 365-day exhibition will promote specific categories of ‘Made in India’ gems & jewellery, divided into four seasons, each lasting three months.

Saporito – the Indian Italian Restaurant in Dubai Wins Big at Filmfare F&B Awards 2022

Being an Indian in Dubai and also a vegetarian, one is always looking for lip-smacking desi delights that not only take you back to India but also offer a healthy option. As team Reviewron discovered it much earlier ‘Saporito’ in Oud Metha is just the kind of place that is fast becoming the go-to plce for food lovers all over the UAE, as it serves up an eclectic mix of varied Italian and Mexican cuisines -all of it in healthy pure veg form!

The Big Dubai Real Estate Scam that Everyone’s Talking About

The con company Ever-nest would approach homeowners in upscale Dubai neighbourhoods and offer them to sublease their aalishan makaan at mehenge daam that are higher than the regular market rents. Those who agreed were given four post-dated cheques. Meanwhile, another team, reached out to prospective tenants, who were indeed offered the same aalishan properties, way below the prevailing market rates.

Foodlink’s Recipe for Super Success

Foodlink has just secured an 8 million US dollar funding. To understand the reason why Foodlink is making such strides in its core business, one has to dive deeper into the company’s mantra for success even in today’s dynamic and volatile market scenario. According to Foolink’s founder Sanjay Vazirani, the trick is to plan and organise for the future challenges by leveraging latest technology and being prepared for unforeseen challenges.

Dubai Filmmaker Zenofar’s first feature film ‘Specter’ will take you on a psychological trip

The film’s first look was exclusively revealed on Zee Cinema Middle East in mid July 2020, and tells the tale of a struggling celebrity attempting to not only battle her own demons, but also an elusive, and seemingly paranormal presence.