My Open Letter to the Closed Mindset of the likes of Swara Bhaskar

Swara Bhasker in her “open” letter to Sanjay Leela Bhansali thinks it’s important to mention that she took her cook along with her family to watch Deepika Padukone Shahid Kapoor Ranveer Singh starrer Padmaavat and then rants for some 10,000 words with some 500 of them being Vagina about how she felt reduced like one after the film. Why would someone critiqueContinue reading “My Open Letter to the Closed Mindset of the likes of Swara Bhaskar”

Review of Bhoomi: Killing us slowly!

Sanjay Dutt’s comeback film could have been a taut revenge drama like Sridevi’s Mom, but Bhoomi is a lethargic and laborious preach fest on feminism – especially after interval

Ram Leela Review: Golis, Gaalis, Gulaal & Garba (****)

Ram Leela bears all the hallmarks of a Bhansali magnum opus. Lovers in heat, high on testosterone & trigger happy, fall in instant love & lust defying warring communities of Rajadis & Sanedos and there’s loads of tenson. So here are the ‘bullet’ points. SLB effortlessly splashes colors of gunfire, gulaal & garba on theContinue reading “Ram Leela Review: Golis, Gaalis, Gulaal & Garba (****)”