Toxic Impulses Review | It’s to the point & I’m Lovin’ it

‘Toxic Impulses’ gives you a good time within it limited means. It navigates unpredictable twists and turns with ease leading into an intensely gripping climax without going over the top with forced action sequences and long, laborious exchanges between the characters. It’s to the point and I am lovin’ it!

Murder Anyone? Review | A quirky dark comedy that cannot be taken seriously

It has its flaws and may not amuse those looking for a perfectly timed comedy or a blood-curdling thriller, but it’s just perfect for those who don’t mind sitting through a mindless whodunit that has its share of scary and LOL moments.  

Arranged Marriage Review | A freakishly unpredictable and bloody dark comedy

‘Arranged Marriage’ is a fun dark comedy that tackles a serious issue of societal norms and familial pressures, especially for a young Indian girl. It shows the hidden evil face of a seemingly happy family whose beliefs and way of life are far too problematic and dangerous.

Review of Ask Me to Dance | Hard to digest but fun to watch

Some of the scenes and characters are more hilarious like Jill’s model date, who assumes she has called him fat and Jack’s friend who tries to set him up. And slowly it gets progressively bizarre and might we say somewhat repetitive too.

Review of I’ll Find You | A compelling Love story in times of hate & war

It’s quite ambitious and the story has the potential, where the director sincerely his tell us about a love story in times of war. The film’s uneven pace and some predictable twists are a dampener. Still, it has what it takes to tug at your heartstrings with its compelling narrative that could have soared with just a little more emphasis on the pulls and pressures of one of the most defining moments of a historic war.

Just How Flop Are Laal Singh Chaddha & Raksha Bandhan?

The comments he made way back in 2015 have come back like a bolt from the blue and is said to have affected the business of Laal Singh Chaddha, which is fast becoming one of the biggest disasters of Aamir’s career.