An eye-opening journey into the lives of cancer survivors and beyond

I started watching ‘Courageous Warriors Beauty from the Ashes,’ thinking it’s going to be yet another documentary with stories from cancer survivors, but within seconds of watching, it was clear that this wasn’t just another documentary. This truly is a labour of love from writer-director Darla Rae, who saw the illness up, close and personal when her mother got it. But she doesn’t drive her film as a dedication to her and instead goes beyond the usual sad stories that are associated with an illness.

Mission Impossible Fallout | Review | Blunt Force Entertainment!

MISSION IMPOSSIBLE FALLOUT **** Cast: Tom Cruise, Rebecca Ferguson, Alec Baldwin Free Synopsis: As a fallout of his own actions, Ethan Hunt finds himself in a tight race against time to save the world from the bad guys. Will he do whatever it takes to accomplish this mission impossible? Review: One life is just asContinue reading “Mission Impossible Fallout | Review | Blunt Force Entertainment!”

Review of A Prayer Before Dawn

A Prayer before dawn Rating *** Spoiler Free Synopsis: Based on a memoir by former criminal Billy Moore who spent 15 years behind bars in 22 different prisons, A Prayer before dawn is an unrestricted view inside the Thai prisons through a boxer who is serving time for possession of drugs. My Take: Prison stories areContinue reading “Review of A Prayer Before Dawn”

Review of Rampage: Delectably Destructive!

Rampage*** NO SPOILER SYNOPSIS: A scientific experiment by a rogue company goes awry, pushing and provoking a Gorilla, a wolf and a croc into epic proportions to inflict disaster of equal measure on America. NO SPOILER TAKE “Rampage is a science fiction monster film”, reads the first line of its Wikipedia page. And that’s whatContinue reading “Review of Rampage: Delectably Destructive!”

Review of October: Slow, Sensitive & Slightly Soul-less!

MOVIE REVIEW OCTOBER – SLOW & SENSITIVE! Starring: Varun Dhawan, Banita Sandhu Director: Shoojit Sircar Synopsis An unfortunate accident changes the life of hotel management trainees Danish and Shiuli exposing layers of unconditional love, empathy and human emotions. My Take October plays out between two starkly opposing places – a 5-star hotel and a 5-starContinue reading “Review of October: Slow, Sensitive & Slightly Soul-less!”

A Quiet Place – Quite a Film!

A Quiet Place ***1/2 Synopsis: It’s 2020 and one American town in particular is overrun by creepy alien like predators that are blind but extremely reactive to sounds. Stay quiet to stay alive. The Abbots are of the last surviving families, but can they do so for long? Review The plot and premise of AContinue reading “A Quiet Place – Quite a Film!”

Review of Bhoomi: Killing us slowly!

Sanjay Dutt’s comeback film could have been a taut revenge drama like Sridevi’s Mom, but Bhoomi is a lethargic and laborious preach fest on feminism – especially after interval

Review of American Made: Fly with it!

American Made**** Get your popcorn, grab your seat and fasten your seatbelts for this Tom Cruise starrer that has never a dull moment. As a TWA pilot, Cruise lives on the edge ensuring you stay on the edge of your seat too as he flirts with dangers of being in one of the biggest covertContinue reading “Review of American Made: Fly with it!”