Take the Night Review | A Thrilling Saga of a Chaotic Kidnapping

‘Take the Night’ is padded with a lot of back-stories of all central characters and director Seth McTigue’s debut film is full of twist and turns. It also throws light on each character and their mind-sets and backgrounds, giving us a peek into why they are doing what they are doing.

Belle Vie Review | A riveting tale of hope & struggle in pandemic

All in all, it’s a heartwarming tale of real people in real situations that all of us have lived through in the past two years. It’s a mirror of our own struggles and achievements seen through the eyes of Vincent.

Review of Movie Money Confidential: An Unscripted and Untold Film About Films

While it is a niche film and far more suited to your taste if you’re connected to the movie business, it’s equally insightful for a diehard movie buff. As the maker promised, viewers do learn the secrets of Hollywood and independent film financing from industry insiders with case studies like ‘The Blair Witch Project and a few others. It’s a film about films that is unscripted and untold so far.

Top Gun Maverick is Top Notch | No-Spoiler Review

Director Joseph Kosinski gets down straight to business as he takes us into the present day life of Pete (Tom Cruise), who has dodged promotions and remained a Captain for over three decades. But now it seems like the end of the road for this super pilot, who still has what it takes to wow his teammates with his exceptional skill of flying fighter jets.

CRABS! Review | All blood no brains

A bunch of creepy crawlies run over a sleepy coastal town in California on prom night. Will a bunch of young folks be able to save themselves and others from a horde of these murderous horseshoe crabs, some of whom also turn into giant ZOMBEAVERS-meet-GODZILLA kinda hybrid avatars.

Review of Inheritance Italian Style | A Dysfunctional Comedy

Inheritance Italian StyleCast: Zoe Myers, Maggie Gwin, Ismail Ibn ConnerCritics Rating: 2 stars out of 5Director: Doug BremnerDuration: 1 hour, 36 minutesGenre: Comedy, Drama, FamilyStreaming on: Now out on all channels, watch on Amazon, Amazon Prime, plex, Xumo, Roku, Vimeo, Tubi. Links to all VOD channels here –> https://cataniathemovie.com/watch-now StoryFive sisters return to their homeContinue reading “Review of Inheritance Italian Style | A Dysfunctional Comedy”