Review of Bhoomi: Killing us slowly!

Sanjay Dutt’s comeback film could have been a taut revenge drama like Sridevi’s Mom, but Bhoomi is a lethargic and laborious preach fest on feminism – especially after interval

Ram Leela Review: Golis, Gaalis, Gulaal & Garba (****)

Ram Leela bears all the hallmarks of a Bhansali magnum opus. Lovers in heat, high on testosterone & trigger happy, fall in instant love & lust defying warring communities of Rajadis & Sanedos and there‚Äôs loads of tenson. So here are the ‘bullet’ points. SLB effortlessly splashes colors of gunfire, gulaal & garba on theContinue reading “Ram Leela Review: Golis, Gaalis, Gulaal & Garba (****)”