Just an illusion Review | An unfiltered boat ride that sails through with its honesty

Overall, ‘Just an illusion’ sails through with its honest and no-frills approach in taking us on a family’s long and arduous journey, as they navigate their relationships and many obstacles of a boater’s life. So, if you’re someone who fancies such a ride then bon voyage, we say.  

Killing the Shepherd Review | A film that rekindles hope in a hopelessly complex man-animal tussle

Director Opre puts in his best to list down all the micro and macro problems that are plaguing the people of Zambia, but some of it does get lost in the sheer number of problems at hand. It’s also very heart wrenching to see the plight of the people and more so the depletion of the wildlife in this arid landscape. As a viewer, one yearns to see the shots of the exotic animals including the famed Big 5 of Africa, who only make very fleeting appearances.