BFFs Kareena Kapoor & Amrita Arora Test Positive for Covid-19 After Flouting All Norms Repeatedly

It’s not clear whether they have been infected with the new omnicron variant or the dominant delta variant that wreaked havoc in Mumbai and all over Maharashtra during the second wave. Kareena and Amrita have not yet made their health details public. This might be a cause of concern as they’ve come in contact with many other people.

The Wave | A Relevant Story Told Captivatingly

Cast: Zenofar Fathima, Fleming D’souza, Edna D’mello, Sachin R Nayak, Mysha ZahidDirector: Zenofar FathimaDuration: 10 min. 36 sec.Genre: Public Service Announcement (PSA)Streaming soon on: YouTube Synopsis As lockdowns are lifted and life is slowly stumbling back to the new normal, a young mother learns it the hard way, when her child pays the price forContinue reading “The Wave | A Relevant Story Told Captivatingly”