Grant Road Triple Murder | A Bloodbath Too Close for Comfort | Viewer Discretion Advised

The entire incident unfolded pretty much like a horrific crime show we watch on OTT these days. It was sudden, yet planned, unnerving and absolutely bone-chilling. It’s the stuff that nightmares are made of. 

Mandeep Kaur’s Case is Chillingly Similar to Netflix Film Darlings Starring Alia Bhatt

Several videos of Sandhu hitting and torturing her — mostly CCTV footage from their home — were shared on social media. In one such video, the man is seen assaulting and trying to strangle her as their daughters are heard crying and asking him not to hit their mother. In another such video, her husband is heard verbally abusing her and saying he wanted a son, and not daughters.

What Did Monster Mom Did to Her 4-Year-Old Will Leave You Horrified

It’s a mother straight from hell, who threw her four year old child from the fourth floor balcony of her apartment. Yes, believe it or not this just happened yesterday, in Bengaluru, where this 29 year old woman Sushma Bharadwaj, tossed her child over in a flash and the entire incident was captured on CCTV camera.

Now, this visual is very disturbing and can unsettle many viewers, so we advise strong discretion on your part but if you have the heart to see it then here it is – the chilling crime, committed in broad daylight by a mother, against her own child.

Now what makes this story even more gut wrenching, is the reason behind why the mother took this extreme step, of killing her own child. This four year old had a speech impairment and since the last 2 years, the child was under medication. But her mother Sushma was not happy about this at all. So fed up was she with her daughter’s condition, that she had tried to get rid of her, before as well.

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A police officer revealed that Sushma had attempted to get rid of her daughter by leaving her in a moving train, a few months ago. But the father came to know about this and with the help of some child helpline members, he traced the baby near Hassan in Bengaluru, and brought her back home. However, he did not file a police complaint against his wife back then. And now, his daughter is no more.

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What also makes this story more shocking is that Sushma is a dentist by qualification and she even tried to fake a suicide attempt after throwing her daughter off the balcony. After flinging her child down like she’s some lifeless object, she climbed on the railing and started shouting for help, at the CKC Garden Aditya apartment. The neighbours rushed to her help and pulled her down to safety.

Sidhu Paaji is in pain and it’s everyone’s problem now

Sidhu sleeps on the floor in his barrack, just like all other quaidis, but our man finds it difficult to get up, once he spreads himself on the floor. So now, upon the doctor’s advice, Sidhu has also been provided with a hard board bed by the jail authorities.

Surat Shocker That Shook the Nation

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Param Sukh for Param Bir Singh as SC Grants Interim Protection from Arrest

Stating that his threat came from the Mumbai Police, Singh’s lawyer said he is living in the country itself and sought the apex court’s protection. His lawyer also informed the court that he is ready to appear before the CBI within 48 hours.

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