Where is Nupur Sharma Now?

Nobody has heard from Nupur Sharma since 5th June when she last tweeted this unconditional withdrawal of her statement. Because there are many FIRs against Nupur Sharma all over the country following her statements, she pleaded to the Supreme Court to transfer them all to Delhi, so she doesn’t have to run around the country attending court cases amidst serious threat to her life. But the apex court judges instead came down heavily on her blaming her for setting the country on fire and held her responsible for the Udaipur killing as well. The judges said that she should appear on a TV channel and “apologise to the whole nation” for her remarks.

Kangana’s Insta Stories Could Land Her in Big Trouble This Time

It’s just another day for Kangana Ranaut. An FIR has been filed against the actress and this time by the members of the Sikh Community for allegedly hurting their religious sentiments by making derogatory statements through her Instagram profile. The FIR was filed by 47 year old Amarjeet-singh Sandhu, along with leaders of Delhi SikhContinue reading “Kangana’s Insta Stories Could Land Her in Big Trouble This Time”

Meet Bheem the Bhains Worth 24 Crore & Counting

Even at 24 crores, Bheem’s owner Arvind Jangid is in no mood to sell him. Arvind claims that an Afghan Sheikh, who visited Jodhpur, offered him a price of 24 crores for his buffalo, but clearly he chose his bhainsa over paisa…and refused to sell it. In a true filmy style he declared in Rajasthan…Ragistan mein chaanv nahi hoti aur meri dukaan ki har cheez bikaav nahi hoti…Arvind said he had only got his prized possession Bheem to the Jodhpur fair, to promote the conservation of the Murrah breed of buffaloes.