Meet India’s Wealthiest Self-Made Billionaire Woman

Today, Falguni Nayar has etched her name in India’s corporate history by becoming the India’s seventh woman billionaire and the wealthiest self-made billionaire. This after the initial public offering or IPO of her unicorn startup Nykaa made a blockbuster debut on Dalaal Street today, hitting an overall valuation of a massive 1 trillion rupees or 13.5 billion dollars and that too in the first five minutes of trade.

Padman’s Pathetic Challenge

The #PadmanChallenge is the most ridiculous, mindless, stupid and pointless marketing gimmick that is making celebs pose with a pad – yes there is nothing to be ashamed about it but it’s not a thing to flaunt either certainly not for a film that seems to have been made after 2 pages of Google researchContinue reading “Padman’s Pathetic Challenge”