Review of Detective Knight: Independence | A Satisfying Closure to the Knight Series

Clearly, ‘Detective Knight’ doesn’t make it to the top of the list of larger-than-life action adventure thrillers. Rather, Ed takes it slow and manages to give his veteran star Bruce Willis and his famed trilogy a befitting farewell.

Top Gun Maverick is Top Notch | No-Spoiler Review

Director Joseph Kosinski gets down straight to business as he takes us into the present day life of Pete (Tom Cruise), who has dodged promotions and remained a Captain for over three decades. But now it seems like the end of the road for this super pilot, who still has what it takes to wow his teammates with his exceptional skill of flying fighter jets.

Meet India’s Wealthiest Self-Made Billionaire Woman

Today, Falguni Nayar has etched her name in India’s corporate history by becoming the India’s seventh woman billionaire and the wealthiest self-made billionaire. This after the initial public offering or IPO of her unicorn startup Nykaa made a blockbuster debut on Dalaal Street today, hitting an overall valuation of a massive 1 trillion rupees or 13.5 billion dollars and that too in the first five minutes of trade.

Poonam Pandey’s Husband Sam Bombay Arrested Again for ‘Assaulting’ Her, Pandey Hospitalised

How many of you knew that Poonam Pandey was married…? To a man named, Sam Bombay, in Sept last year. After living in for 2 years ok so now, Bombay has been arrested by the Mumbai police, for allegedly assaulting his wife, Poonam Pandey, who is in hospital with injuries to her head, eyes andContinue reading “Poonam Pandey’s Husband Sam Bombay Arrested Again for ‘Assaulting’ Her, Pandey Hospitalised”

The Wave | A Relevant Story Told Captivatingly

Cast: Zenofar Fathima, Fleming D’souza, Edna D’mello, Sachin R Nayak, Mysha ZahidDirector: Zenofar FathimaDuration: 10 min. 36 sec.Genre: Public Service Announcement (PSA)Streaming soon on: YouTube Synopsis As lockdowns are lifted and life is slowly stumbling back to the new normal, a young mother learns it the hard way, when her child pays the price forContinue reading “The Wave | A Relevant Story Told Captivatingly”

Tomorrow Never Came | Leaves you speechless with its powerful narrative

Cast: Zenofar FathimaDirector: Zenofar FathimaDuration: 3 min. 50 sec.Genre: Public Service Announcement (PSA)Showing on: Youtube Synopsis In this emotionally moving short film, Zenofar Fathima highlights the ultimate sacrifice of the healthcare heroes, who have selflessly saved millions of lives during the trying times of COVID-19. Review Actions speak louder than words, they say. And that’sContinue reading “Tomorrow Never Came | Leaves you speechless with its powerful narrative”

Judgemental Hai Kya | Quite a mindful

Cast: Kangana Ranaut, Rajkummar Rao Director: Prakash Kovelamudi What’s it about: Bobby Batliwala Grewal (Kangana) is struggling to lead a normal life as she fights off the demons of a repressed childhood. But can she save herself and others from the inner voices that constantly put her in trouble? Review: From the synopsis, you mightContinue reading “Judgemental Hai Kya | Quite a mindful”

Review of A Prayer Before Dawn

A Prayer before dawn Rating *** Spoiler Free Synopsis: Based on a memoir by former criminal Billy Moore who spent 15 years behind bars in 22 different prisons, A Prayer before dawn is an unrestricted view inside the Thai prisons through a boxer who is serving time for possession of drugs. My Take: Prison stories areContinue reading “Review of A Prayer Before Dawn”

Review of Sanju

  Synopsis Sanju is the story of Bollywood’s most fascinating Khalnayak Sanjay Dutt and his tryst with his own demons that played out dramatically in his personal and public life. Review: He is the bad boy everyone loved to hate. Much like his onscreen persona Sanjay Dutt’s flamboyance in personal life has always kept himContinue reading “Review of Sanju”

A dance that speaks a thousand words!

Dance is a multi-faceted art. It accomplishes varied purposes but one of the most important purpose is communication and there is none that is more effective than Kathak. And for Kathak there is none better than Avantika and her troop of able footed divas at the Deepmalika Institute in Mumbai who have struck a cordContinue reading “A dance that speaks a thousand words!”