Love in Kilnerry Review | A romp com of the elderly

Love in Kilnerry

Cast: Daniel Keith, Kathy Searle, Tony Triano, James Patrick Nelson, Sybil Lines, Sheila Stasack, Roger Hendricks Simon, Debargo Sanyal

Critics Rating:  3 stars out of 5 

Director/Writer: Daniel Keith

Duration: 1 hour, 40 minutes

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Release Details: Released in US market via Tricoast Entertainment.  TVOD – 10/6/2020

AVOD – Freevee, Redbox, Tubi, Vudu

SVOD – 2021 Prime

OTT – 2022 – Xumo, Local Now


A sleepy town comes alive with heightened sexual activity, especially among the seniors after a bi-product in their water shoots up their libido. Now, it’s up to the Sheriff to ensure everyone keeps it in their pants but can they?


The sweeping shots of the picturesque Portsmouth in the opening scene are so visually stunning that it immediately arrests your attention. Actor-writer and director Daniel Keith doesn’t waste time in getting to the point in introducing us to the motley bunch of residents of Kilnerry where an unusual problem is about to add some much needed spice in their routine lives. It’s a relatable setup of a close-knit community. One that feels homely and warm where the characters are quirky with everyday problems. The kind of harmony that is depicted here is much needed in today’s times of uncertainty and bad breaking news of human tragedies. In that sense, ‘Love in Kilnerry’ is the escapism of harmless coexistence among the people of a sleepy town that is crime free and welcoming.

That Keith adapts this funny film from a play with the same name is evident from the loud and over the top performances from the actors, who seem like they are on a stage and not on camera. This can be endearing or annoying, but it’s a matter of perspective. For a bizarre and unique story like this, it’s the kind of boisterousness that works. There are slapstick and laugh out loud moments at regular intervals but there was definitely scope for better comedy.

Daniel leads the show with his good cop act and looks handsome enough to have the ladies swooning over him. And clearly, he is also one of the sane ones in this mad town. The film’s screenplay gets progressively funnier and risqué but the nudity never gets gross. It remains a wholesome entertainer even when the folks of Kilnerry start dropping their pants, getting down and dirty in public and some just abandoning clothes for good.

Overall, there is a lot of fun to be had in this brash and chaotic comedy that never takes itself too seriously. If you’re looking to let yourself loose in a funnily unassuming film that challenges your inhibitions then this is it.

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