What Did Monster Mom Did to Her 4-Year-Old Will Leave You Horrified

It’s a mother straight from hell, who threw her four year old child from the fourth floor balcony of her apartment. Yes, believe it or not this just happened yesterday, in Bengaluru, where this 29 year old woman Sushma Bharadwaj, tossed her child over in a flash and the entire incident was captured on CCTV camera.

Now, this visual is very disturbing and can unsettle many viewers, so we advise strong discretion on your part but if you have the heart to see it then here it is – the chilling crime, committed in broad daylight by a mother, against her own child.

Now what makes this story even more gut wrenching, is the reason behind why the mother took this extreme step, of killing her own child. This four year old had a speech impairment and since the last 2 years, the child was under medication. But her mother Sushma was not happy about this at all. So fed up was she with her daughter’s condition, that she had tried to get rid of her, before as well.

A police officer revealed that Sushma had attempted to get rid of her daughter by leaving her in a moving train, a few months ago. But the father came to know about this and with the help of some child helpline members, he traced the baby near Hassan in Bengaluru, and brought her back home. However, he did not file a police complaint against his wife back then. And now, his daughter is no more.

What also makes this story more shocking is that Sushma is a dentist by qualification and she even tried to fake a suicide attempt after throwing her daughter off the balcony. After flinging her child down like she’s some lifeless object, she climbed on the railing and started shouting for help, at the CKC Garden Aditya apartment. The neighbours rushed to her help and pulled her down to safety.

But the child wasn’t that lucky. She didn’t even get a chance to be saved. The poor girl had crashed on the ground and lay in a pool of blood. She was picked up by a resident and given first aid, before rushing her to a private hospital and then to NIMHANS, where she died of her injuries, after painfully battling for life, for hours.

Based on the information from the hospital, the police rushed to the spot and questioned the couple. But it was only after her husband Kiran complained to the police about his wife Sushma, that they arrested her and charged her with murder. It became an open and shut case for the police because the CCTV camera captured this terrifying incident in its totality.

This is an extremely deplorable story – one that screams of mental health problems and a criminally inclined mindset, of a seemingly regular person. I for one am at my wits end, trying to wonder how a crime like this could have been avoided. Could it have been pre-empted and prevented after the mother not just showed signs of getting rid of her daughter but also acted it out by leaving her in a train. Should she have been separated from the child back then and punished or like her husband Kiran did, give her another chance? These are just the questions now but the reality is that she has done the unthinkable. Something no one would expect a mother to do to her own child. Something that has shocked the collective consciousness of the society.

Leave your thoughts about this sadly shocking story coming in from Bengaluru.

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