CBI Finds Shocking Details in Air-Hostess Rosy Sangma’s Death in Gurgram

Many of you might remember the tragic story of a young Nagaland Air Hostess Rosy Sangma and her nephew Samuel Sangma, both of whom had died one after the other in Gurgram. While there wasn’t much on the mainstream media, we were one of the few youtube channels that had carried and extensively followed up on this story.

Now, there is a big and shocking development in this case that will leave you fuming with anger and contempt for those, who are responsible for these tragic deaths. The preliminary inquiry by the CBI showed that Rosy was admitted to the hospital after severe bleeding and pain on 24th June last year. But hold your breath before you hear what’s coming next.

The CBI has found gross negligence on the part of the hospital and its doctors, because in the findings it became clear that Rosy – a critical patient of vaginal bleeding was being treated by a dentist, who is not at all qualified for the job. Yes, Anuj Bishnoi, who is also the managing director of the private hospital, and the main doctor, assigned a dentist named Anjali Ashk to Rosy’s case and arrived four and a half hours later, by when it was clearly too late.

The investigation revealed that despite knowing about Rosy’s serious condition, Anuj Bishnoi instructed Anjali, an inexperienced dentist, to treat severe gynaecological problems and to manage the situation.

So what exactly had happened on the fateful Thursday of June 24th?

At 10.45 AM, Dr Bishnoi had asked Rosy’s relatives to bring blood from blood bank, as it was an emergency. Less than 2 hours later, at 12.30 PM, he sent a letter to the police SHO informing them that the patient, who was in a critical condition, had died.

Later, he told the police about suspected poisoning and foul play, as the cause for her death and also claimed that she was not responding to the treatment. He said she was being referred to the civil hospital for further treatment.

The CBI has said that Dr. Bishnoi prepared a discharge card of Rosy mentioning the time of admission at 6 AM and also mentioned about blood transfusion, a serious medical condition, gasping of breath. In the card he also wrote about referring her to a higher centre at 12 PM but actually “did not refer” her to any other centre for further treatment.

Rosy’s relative Samuel and his uncle were present at the hospital by her side but it was initially reported that Rosy died after some staff allegedly fed her with “ice cream”.

A video on social media showing Samuel being assaulted, went viral. He is seen shooting the video while questioning the hospital authorities about Rosy’s sudden death. But in a tragic turn of events, the very next day 23 year old Samuel was also found dead in his room.

Talking to one of the regional channels, Samuel’s father said that on 23rd June, Samuel’s aunt Rosy was rushed to Alfa Hospital in Gurugram, after she felt uneasy and a lot of body pain, in the night. The initial diagnoses showed that she was low on heamoglobin and was admitted to the ICU and given oxygen, but by morning she had started to feel better. The hospital staff assured that she was normal and would be get much better by evening. On learning about her improved condition, Samuel’s uncle went out for a meal while his nephew Samuel was asked to get medicines.

But when they returned, Samuel found out that the hospital staff had feeding ice cream to Rosy. On seeing that, he threw away the ice cream and demanded to know why was she fed that? Samuel’s father said that after eating the icecream Rosy’s condition had deteriorated a lot but the hospital authorities were very evasive about what exactly happened to Rosy, all of a sudden. Especially, because they told the family that Rosy was feeling much better some time back. The video shot by Samuel also clearly shows how the hospital authorities are not showing him one of the papers and an elderly male doctor is seen assaulting Samuel.

Rosy died in the hospital even as the authorrities dodged Samuel’s questions and what is even more shocking is that instead of doing post mortem on Rosy’s body, the hospital arranged for a mortuary van to carry the body, without informing her relatives present there.

But even as the fight for justice for Rosy had just begun, the Sangmas were in for another shocker. Imagine the state for this family when they learnt that Samuel was also found dead in his rented room in Gurugram where he worked.
Samuel was found dead in his room the very next day after he shot the video in the hospital and it was alleged that he died due to foul play by the hospital personnel.

I remember speaking to a lady doctor from the hospital on phone, on the day Rosy died. She did not wish to be named but she was presumably the same woman doctor, who is seen in the video.

While she seemed reluctant to divulge more information fearing more backlash, she sounded upset at the fact that the hospital was being trolled and even vowed to never help the people from the North East.

She told us that the hospital took Rosy in an emergency and despite asking many times, they were not told about Rosy’s allurgies…maybe she had a cold allurgy, she said. However, she confirmed that her death did not occur due to having an icecream. She said the family was happy when her treatment was going well and the patient felt better but when she stopped responding to further treatment, the family started accusing the hospital of negligence.

When asked why Rosy’s post mortem was not conducted, she did not reply, but only said that they had told everything to the police.

The lady seemed extremely unwilling to talk, blaming the media for running a one sided campaign against them, but at the same time, refused to give a more detailed account of what exactly happened with Rosy Sangma. She also did not comment on Samuel’s assault instead saying that she was infact trying to help him.

Finally, after a lot of protests and a letter to Amit Shah by Meghalaya MP Agatha Sangma, a CBI inquiry was launched and now, over a year later, these shocking investiagtions have come to light.

The FIR squarely blames the hospital of criminal negligence. It reads, “Enquiry revealed that Rosy Sangma had suffered pain in both hands and right leg with 8-10 episodes of loose motions and heavy menstrual bleeding on 23rd June 2021. She was brought by her two brothers and nephew Samuel Sangma to the Alfaa Health Care Hospital, Sector-10, Basai Road, Gurgaon around 6 am on 24th June. The FIR stated that a gynecologist was not called for six hours and Dr Anuj Bishnoi entered the hospital for the first time at 10.26 am on June 24 as per CCTV footage, even though he was informed of admitting a serious patient in his hospital at 6 am.

23 year old Samuel and Rosy were like the thousands of young North Easterners who had left their families behind, in search of a livelihood. They were living and working in north India. Their story resonates with many youngsters like them and their case is being watched closely by their people.

Rosy was working as an air hostess with Go Air in Delhi while Samuel was working at a hotel in Gurugram. Their life was normal, just like any other two youngsters, but it all changed in a flash when on June 24th last year.

We don’t know if you have followed this case or not, but let us know your thoughts on these shocking developments coming out of the CBI investigation.

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