Saravanan’s Debut ‘The Legend’ is an Unintentional Laugh Riot

This man you see on your screens is a 51 year old businessman named Saravanan Arul and he was here in Dubai last week to promote his debut film named ‘The Legend,’ where he plays the title role of a billionaire scientist, who is on a mission to cure diabetes. Of course, in the middle of this crucial mission, he finds time to do all the naach gana with his khoobsurat heroines, beat up the bad guys and do every cliche heroic stuff because this is his debut film.

When I first saw Saravanan at the press conference, I wondered to myself how old is he and what is this film all about? With a petite frame and a Michael Jacksonish sort of face, most people in the room would have wondered, how on earth did he manage to star in the film until it was revealed that this is a film fully funded and produced by Saravanan. Of course, he is the Mr money bags, who owns a chain of stores in South India, including Super Saravana Stores and a Mall. And now, you can stop wondering how people around him would have massaged his ego for price and acted all delusional about a disaster in the making.

And now it has released across 2,500 screens worldwide in 5 languages and not doing well in any of them. The reviews are unanimously bad and twitter is having a field day ripping apart this spoof-fest that is tailor made for memes.

As for the reviews, they certainly seem more entertaining than the film. The Times of India said, ‘Legend Saravanan’s vanity project is commercial cinema at its dullest,’ giving it a total of 1.5 stars. It’s one of the lowest rated films in TOI, where a 1.5 rating means its somewhere between trash and below average. The Indian Express gave it just 1 star, calling it an elaborate advertisement of a bloated ego. The review synopsis read, “The only thing The Legend has going for it is Harris Jayaraj’s music and background score, but they aren’t enough to save this cringe-fest.”

The Hindu called it an absurd, campy Saravana Stores advertisement. The News Minute said, “an expressionless Saravanan leads a cringe-fest. It further read, “At a run-time of 2 hours 40 minutes, The Legend starts off laughable and quickly becomes un-bearably grating. It has its utterly charmless hero to thank for that.”

Even a local news website like that would usually patronise its heroes called it an absolutely boring drama, giving it just 1.5 stars.

So, who exactly is this self proclaimed Legend?

Saravanan Arul, was born in Chennai on 10th July, 1970. He is the grandson of Saravanan Nadar. His father, Saravana Selua-rathinam, is a well-known businessman, and his two uncles, also support the family business. Saravanan Arul was married to Suryashree with whom he has three children – two daughters and a son. Later, they got divorced. Saravanan first became popular in 2019 when he starred himself in an ad for his company, alongside actresses Tamannaah Bhatia and Hansika Motwani.

But that clearly was just the beginning of the acting bug biting him. He debuted with this film the cost of which apparently runs into very many crores and some reports claim that Urvashi Rautela alone was paid 20 crores to do the film.

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Well, don’t forget to leave your thoughts on the Legend. Connect with us.

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