Top Gun Maverick is Top Notch | No-Spoiler Review

Cast: Tom Cruise, Jennifer Connelly, Miles Teller and Ed Harris

Critics Rating:  4.5 out of 5 stars

Director: Joseph Kosinski

Duration: 2 hour, 11 mins

Genre: Action, Drama

Release details: Only in theatres worldwide from May 27, 2022


Captain Pete “Maverick” has a new job at hand of training a bunch of young and raring to go Navy pilots for an intricately dangerous mission. But can he rise beyond the haunting nightmares of losing his friend in the past and now training his son for what looks like a suicide mission already and risk losing him too?


First things first. If you decide to go for ‘Top Gun Maverick’ and you should then please revisit the first part. It will elevate the experience of enjoying this Tom Cruise starrer that doesn’t falter in any department.

Director Joseph Kosinski gets down straight to business as he takes us into the present day life of Pete (Tom Cruise), who has dodged promotions and remained a Captain for over three decades. But now it seems like the end of the road for this super pilot, who still has what it takes to wow his teammates with his exceptional skill of flying fighter jets. But like all good things, his career seems to be coming to an end, as he is forced to take up a job against his will or risk losing it all.

‘Top Gun Maverick’ is as much about human relationships and emotions as it is about the thrill of intense fighter jet action. Seeing a dedicated bunch of men and women follow their call of duty with gusto, is always motivating but the writing of this film is so strong that you don’t doubt anything for even a second. There are no cliches or stereotypes or chest-thumping patriotism about how America is great. The characters are etched with conviction and strong ethos that go a long way in helping you root for them and keep you invested in their struggles and achievements.

Tom Cruise is especially in a great form returning as Maverick with massive strides in his overall growth as a character and a performer. The actor doesn’t miss a beat in making you fall in love with him, all over again. Of course, he is still the boy who likes to ride his Kawasaki mean machine with his new girlfriend Penny (Jennifer Connelly) in the backseat and escaping through the window after scoring with her. That is so unlike the rest of the film and looks childish, but can be forgiven, because the larger fabric of this brilliantly made film is far more magnanimous.

Kelenski’s young team is full of bright actors, who light up the screen with their youthful charm and strong performances. Miles Teller shines in his role as the resentful ‘Rooster’, who ultimately does the unthinkable. The rest of the actors are very aptly cast and they do come together as a team.

The jaw-dropping mid-air action looks all too real and the stunts are breathtaking, which is refreshing, as the use of CGI seems to have been minimal, or at least it seems so. All in all, ‘Top Gun Maverick’ is a one hell of a ride that shouldn’t be missed. So hop on and buckle up fast!

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