Controversial Pakistani TikToker’s Botched Lip Job is Hitting Global Headlines

That is Hareem Shah – a tiktoker from Pakistan, who has landed in huge trouble, with the authorities kuiki hothon pe aisi baat woh daba ke nahi chali aayi, but instead, decided to make a video about it, like everything else in her life.

Yes, Hareem Shah had to rush out of an elaborate Lip job with the job only half done, because her government back home, froze her bank accounts. Yes this kahaani quickly escalated from “Note to Honth” and the first thing she did was to make a tiktok video with a swollen lip for the problem that she was facing, because she made a tiktok video, in the first place.

Quite swell…isn’t it…But Let me “fill you in”. On Jan 10th, Hareem Shah had posted this video of hers, showing large amounts of cash that she had carried from Pakistan to London…And you have give it to this tiktok star, she not only showed noto ki gaddi in her video, but also brutally criticised the Pakistan government over currency devalution, passport status and the recent deaths of many Pakistanis at a hill station called Murry…

Play video

Hmmm…So it seems she literally thinks that the Pakistan authorities are doing a mere “lip service”

But after this tiktok video, nothing was theekthaak for her. Pakistan’s Federal Investigation Agency swung into action by launching a money-laundering investigation against the TikTok star and consequently froze her account. As per the rules in Pakistan, “A passenger can bring any amount of any foreign currency into Pakistan but you can only take out upto 10,000 US dollars “unconditionally.”

The FIA said said that the inquiry against Hareem Shah was launched under foreign exchange laws and her “visa, immigration and travel documents have been obtained. Apparently, The FIA has also decided to write to the UK’s National Crime Agency to take action against Hareem Shah whose real name is Fiza Husain.

So, the tiktok star who regularly makes videos on apps like ‘Snack’ and ‘Likee’ had to unceremoniously leave her lip filler job unfulfilled and rush to make another video with a lump in her lip.

But thankfully for the tiktoker, things seem to be settling down, quite literally, at least on the lip front, as she continues to be in London, as per her latest video posts. Since, she posted this video with a heavy lip, and a light heart, Hareem Shah has been seen posting bridal shoot videos and typical tiktokish videos, walking around London, “lip syncing” to songs in the background.

With thousands of followers on tiktok, Hareem Shah’s lips clearly aren’t sealed, as she’s been quite mukammal in criticising her hukumat….Reports say even in 2019 Hareem had been harassed after
the authorities launched an inquiry when she had shared videos of herself in the conference room at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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