‘Drunk’ Delhi Cop’s Rash Driving Kills Zomato Delivery Boy | How Soon Will Justice be Delivered?

A reckless cop in Delhi has just inflicted a lifelong grief on the family of a 38 year old man, who was killed after the police constable rammed his car into his bike, on Saturday night.

The full video has been posted on my Instagram, due to stringent copyright issues of YouTube.

What’s most tragic is that on Saturday night, just 10 minutes before the accident, the victim Salil Tripathi had called his wife Mamta and told her that he was near the house. Salil, who said that he would reach home in some time, did not come even after a long time. The family then began a frantic search that ended with their worst fears coming true.

Salil , who also worked as a Zomato delivery boy to make ends meet for his family, died after the accident in Delhi’s Rohini area.

Salil, lived in Budh Vihar with his mother, wife and 10-year-old son Divyansh and was the sole breadwinner of the family. Salil had lost his father recently due to Covid, and the family had been struggling, financially. As per an Indian Express report, he worked as a manager at a private company in Hudson Lane and had taken up the Zomato job to earn some extra money .

Police said the constable, Zile Singh, allegedly rammed his car into Salil’s bike near Baba Saheb Ambedkar hospital before hitting a DTC bus. Police are probing if the constable was under the influence of alcohol.

Salil Tripathi with his 10-year-old son Divyansh

So solid was the impact of the collission that Salil was flung into the air and then crashed near the divider before landing down with a loud thud. He was rushed to the hospital, where doctors declared him dead on arrival. It’s not known if he was wearing a helmet.

Videos from the incident uploaded on social media show locals taking photos of the damaged car. Constable Zile Singh is seen sitting inside in his police uniform and is looking totally disoriented. Someone in the public can be heard saying, “inhone poori drink kar rakhi hai…” Many onlookers made the video of the incident while some caught hold of the police constable. Locals also alleged that he was speeding and driving rashly.

Delhi Police DCP from Rohini, Pranav Tayal said, “We had received a call about the accident at 10 pm. A Brezza car hit a bike and a DTC bus. The bike rider, Salil, has succumbed to his injuries. We have arrested constable Zile Singh and a case for rash driving and death due to negligence has been registered against him.”

Salil’s wife Mamata with Divyansh, their 10-year-old son

Police said the constable has been tested for blood alcohol levels, but it has not been revealed if he was indeed under
the influence of alcohol and if the police booked him for drunk driving later.

Salil’s family has demanded strict action against the constable. His cousin Rahul said, “He used to work late nights to help his family. He was on his way to deliver food when the car hit him outside BSA hospital. He suffered multiple injuries. The car driver was reckless… he killed my brother…”

Rahul said Salil’s family was already suffering because of their poor financial condition. Now, they have lost Salil also. He started working at Zomato two months ago. His father died last year… his wife, son and mother were totally dependent on him, he said. We are trying to help them, but it’s tough, he said, adding that Salil was a caring and hardworking man. I have fond memories of him dancing at family functions and weddings…” Police said Salil’s body was handed over to the family on Sunday after an autopsy.

While there is no official tweet from an otherwise active Zomato, they have assured that they would help Salil’s family. A Zomato official said: “It’s tragic… we will provide financial help to the family with life insurance cover. We will also take care of the funeral expenses. Our team is in touch with the bereaved family members.”

Drunk Driving in Delhi is punishable by a court challan, and a fine of 10,000 or six months in prison or both. For second and subsequent offences, a fine of ₹15,000 or imprisonment up to two years or both, are applicable. But in this case, the matter is far more serious because the accident has resulted in the death of a young man.

It’s ironic that the same police, who is supposed to safeguard its people from such incidents is responsible for an offence that has left a family shattered, after a young man lost his life. What is even more ironic is that when Samir’s accident happened, his uncle had gone to the village, to perform some rituals for Salil’s dead father.

According to Salil’s neigbour Kamlesh, the Tripathi family had suffered so much in the last one year that after Salil’s death not only their neighbors but the entire area is grieving.

The family has alleged that they are living under threat because the case involves Delhi police itself and they written to the Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal to expedite the proceedings in the case.

Let me know your thoughts on this tragic story and we will be on the lookout for where this case goes from here. What does the investigation by the police against one of their own throws up and if justice is indeed delivered and not delayed. We expect that you will help us follow this case. We will soon be getting the family of Salil to speak on the ground reality of this case.

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