Tomorrow Never Came | Leaves you speechless with its powerful narrative

Cast: Zenofar Fathima
Director: Zenofar Fathima
Duration: 3 min. 50 sec.
Genre: Public Service Announcement (PSA)
Showing on: Youtube


In this emotionally moving short film, Zenofar Fathima highlights the ultimate sacrifice of the healthcare heroes, who have selflessly saved millions of lives during the trying times of COVID-19.


Actions speak louder than words, they say. And that’s precisely what ‘Tomorrow Never Came’ achieves with its short yet effective narrative. It touches your heart despite having no dialogues, as it flows seamlessly from one scene to another.

Presented under the patronage of Sheikha Hend Al Qasimi, ‘Tomorrow Never Came’ is the story of 35-year-old Dr. Alia (Zenofar Fathima), who is on the frontline fighting against the novel Coronavirus pandemic. When she’s not saving lives, she’s a doting single mother to her young daughter. The film depicts some tender moments between the mother-daughter duo that are truly heart-touching.

Especially, the scene where a severely bruised Dr Alia from the face mask scars is fighting back her tears while chatting with her daughter on a video call. The scene squarely depicts the avalanche of emotions that doctors must feel as they tirelessly work round the clock to treat patients, not only putting their own lives at risk but also leaving behind their family members in grief.

The film’s emotional texture and tonality are all too real and familiar with many doctors losing their lives during this pandemic. The film tells it as it is with an equally poignant background score.

The film’s lead actress and director Zenofar Fathima manages to effectively convey her character’s pain despite no dialogues and only through succinct expressions. The film’s short runtime is no dampener in spreading the message that it intends to deliver. There’s also a hint of twist in the end that will leave you feeling somber and thoughtful.

Aptly titled ‘Tomorrow Never Came’, this relevant and timely short film leaves you speechless without speaking a single word. And that’s the power of good storytelling.

Click here to watch Tomorrow Never Came

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