Review of Spectre: An intriguingly fast-paced paranormal saga

Cast: Zenofar Fathima
Director: Zenofar Fathima
Duration: 10 mins
Genre: Horror
Showing on: Zee Cinema Middle East


A celebrity going through marital issues is spooked beyond her wits when see starts seeing a shadowy figure in her home. Is it for real?


Spectre an addition to the Ouija series begins and ends with an intrigue value. Delving into the realm of supernatural and paranormal forces, this short film remains consistent mystifying that grips you right from the start.

Acted produced and directed by Zenofar Fathima of Zen Films, it explores the uneven and mysterious mind of a disturbed celebrity. Paced within a quick 10-min short, this episode packs in quite a punch with a few scary jumpscares and an unsettling yet relatable theme. The short runtime is refreshing, and it gives a peek into the psyche of the film’s lead character played by Zenofar with scope for more layers to unfold as the series progresses.

However, Zenofar is convincing as the troubled celeb, who is struggling in her personal space but is easily flattered when an unknown fan sends an appreciative message. She effectively brings out the character’s contrasting persona of power and vulnerability. The film ends on a cliff-hanger or an open-ended climax that is left to the viewer’s interpretation.

You can catch ‘Spectre’ on Zee Cinema Middle East (on Tuesday, 21st July at 11.30am GST & 1am IST) and make your own interpretations of the possibilities that the series puts fort.

– By Ronak Kotecha

Published by Reviewron

Senior Journalist with 14-years-experience at channels like Times Now, NewsX, Zoom and Radio City. Now, Rotten Tomatoes approved global critic for the Times of India and BBC India Correspondent in Dubai. News Presenter at Radio 4, Dubai This is my independent channel for clarity in chaos in News, Views, Reviews and vivid Experiences. Connect on Instagram @reviewron, Twitter @ronakkotecha and email

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