A Quiet Place – Quite a Film!


A Quiet Place ***1/2

Synopsis: It’s 2020 and one American town in particular is overrun by creepy alien like predators that are blind but extremely reactive to sounds. Stay quiet to stay alive. The Abbots are of the last surviving families, but can they do so for long?


The plot and premise of A Quiet Place are extremely engaging and the film banks heavily on it making full use of its potential.

Of course, logic takes a hit when you see all of it happening without a word of help from the rest of the world. Add to that a family battling a creature all alone has 3 children and a fourth one on its way. Why?

Director and lead actor John Krasinski and his (very fertile) real-life wife Emily Blunt manage to create an extremely believable world filled with fear for the lurking dangers from an agile predator that is a swift killing machine. But just as swift is the screenplay of the film that paces through  keeping the audience on the edge in rapt attention and without a sound.


Best scenes are of course the ones with confrontation with the evil creature and the makers do not shy away from taking hard decisions.

The background music and silence add to the tension and the actors including the children make for a deliciously fearful immersive experience.


I’d say hold your breath and be a part of this quiet place only on the big screen!

I am going with 3.5 stars.

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