salman-khan-sonam-kapoor_640x480_41445418905Prem Ratan Dhan Payo​ ***1/2 : Move over everything you have heard read and seen about how this film is – in one word it’s definitely WATCHABLE!

A happy-go-lucky simpleton Prem Dilwale (Salman) finds himself in a royal mess but wins over years of familial discord and charms the princess (Sonam) of his dreams leading to a matter-of-fact kinda Happy Ending.

PRDP’s strength lies in its visual opulence and simplicity, Salman’s new found acting skills and Sonam’s beautiful & elegant screen presence, add to that a string of delightful melodies by Himesh Reshammiya​ that DO NOT come across as an overkill if anything they are very evenly distributed.

The first half moves like a breeze and so does most of the second half except for the lame backstory of the Maharaja of Pritampur who was dumb enough to think his flamboyance for 2 wives and multiple kids will be picture perfect. Infact, PRDP is not so much like the usual Barjatiya fare – for starters there is no Sanskari Babuji and neither is there as overdose of “Babus” and “Ve” and fake sugar coated dialogues and a limited no. of family members.

Oh and yes, there is a slight cleavage show as well strictly within the Rajshri​ comfort zone!

Logic and practicality are in place for most times and the supporting cast is real including Neil Nitin Mukesh​ who’s villainous act is measured and convincing.

PRDP is a film that does not bore, looks good and ends well too. At 200 crores and counting #PremRatanDhanPayo doesn’t seem all that unjustified after all.

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